Temiskaming Hospital is advising the public that a COVID-19 outbreak has been declared effective today, February 13th, 2023.
The outbreak was called as two or more in-patients have experienced symptoms and tested positive for COVID-19.
As a result, enhanced infection control measures are in place, and temporary limitations to designated care partner/visitors are now in effect until further notice.
Temiskaming Hospital is asking for the public’s cooperation with the following to help minimize the risk of transmission to and from patients, visitors and staff:
* All in-patient areas of the hospital are closed to visitors and Designated Care Partners for long-term care and acute care patients until further notice.
* Designated Care Partners are still allowed for critically ill/risk of imminent death, palliative, obstetrical and pediatric patients.
* Care partners are also allowed to accompany outpatients who need support due to physical, intellectual, cognitive and emotional conditions or needing a substitute decision-maker while attending the hospital for appointments, tests, procedures or emergent care. .
* All Designated Care Partners must pass the screening questionnaire administered by the hospital’s Screening Agents prior to entering the hospital.
* There will be no visitation to the above approved Care Partners for confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients.
“We will continue to protect our most vulnerable and our community as we continue to battle COVID-19.” says CEO Mike Baker.
The Timiskaming Health Unit is working with the Hospital in ensuring best practices are being followed during this time. For virtual visitations, please contact Kathy Demarce at 705-647-8121 ex 2341.
“I would like to again thank our community for their support and remind everyone that while we care for you, please care about us.”
Temiskaming Hospital will continue to update the public on the outbreak.

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