The Ontario government is implementing a plan to increase access and reduce wait times for five major health services: cancer surgery, cardiac procedures, cataract surgery, hip and knee replacements, as well as MRI and CT exams.

The four aims of Ontario's wait Times strategy are:

1. Significantly increasing the number of procedures to reduce the backlog that has developed over the last decade

2. Investing in new, more efficient technology such as MRI machines and extending hours of operations

3. Standardizing best practices for both medical and administrative functions in order to improve patient flow and efficiency

4. Collecting and reporting accurate and up-to-date data on wait times to allow better decision making and increase accountability

The Temiskaming Hospital is working to ensure that all patients will be treated within a reasonable and acceptable timeframe. One way the hospital is working towards this is through the Wait Time Information System (WTIS), a critical component in the provincial strategy to improve access to care in Ontario (Website link: Wait Times Ontario ). Our Hospital is involved in the wait time strategies for Cataract Surgery and C.T. Exams.