Our Emergency department sees over 19,000 patients per year.

Our highest volume of patients is seen between 8 am and 4 pm each day. 

When you arrive at our Emergency Department, you will initially be assessed by a nurse. At this time, you will be assigned a triage level. 

What does triage mean?

  • The main role of the triage is to assign a priority to patients who need more urgent care.
  • This is a Standard of Practice for Emergency Departments across Canada.
  • Our Emergency Nurses are specially trained in assessing your Triage Level.

There are 5 Triage Levels.

  1. Level  1- RESUSCITATION for example, someone whose heart has stopped
  2. Level 2- EMERGENT, for example, someone involved in a major accident with severe life threatening injuries.
  3. Level 3- URGENT, for example, someone with pneumonia and difficulty breathing.
  4. Leve l 4-LESS URGENT, for example, someone with an earache or a minor cut requiring stitches.
  5. Level 5- NON URGENT, for example, someone with minor symptoms or needing a prescription renewal.

If at any point you feel your condition has changed since being triaged, please inform the triage nurse immediately.