We deliver about 250-300 babies every year. We are a Level 1B Nursery. Care for the mother and baby is provided by our team of Family Physicians, Midwives, Respiratory Therapists and Obstetrical Nurses. We are a training site with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and have a variety of Learners doing rotations with our obstetrics unit. 

Temiskaming Hospital is located in Temiskaming Shores and is 1.5 hours north of North Bay and 2 hours south of Timmins. We are a small community rural hospital with 2 labor rooms and 6 postpartum rooms. We have state of the art Infant Care systems for caring for your baby immediately after birth. We encourage skin-to-skin contact immediately following delivery as long as baby is stable. All rooms have a bathroom/shower, televisions, and telephones as well as a sleeper chair/cot for your support person or significant other. Our family-centered program strongly encourages the primary support person to stay with the new mother and baby throughout their hospital stay.

If your care is deemed too high risk for our centre, then this will be communicated to you and your provider will refer your care to a higher level unit. This may include North Bay, Timmins, Sudbury, Ottawa or Toronto, depending on the care needs.

Prenatal appointments are usually every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, followed by every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and finally weekly until delivery. At approximately 28-30 weeks, you will be provided a Pre-Admission package for you to book a Pre-Admission Appointment. This will include you meeting with one of our Labor & Delivery nurses for a tour of our unit, reviewing education topics and completion of paperwork in plans for your admission and delivery.

Temiskaming Health Unit provides an in hospital visit and assessment to address your questions and post partum and post natal care needs. Home visits from the health unit and lactation services are available and encouraged.


 Meet the Doctors

Dr. Besner

Dr. Besner

Dr. Besner completed medical school at Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM). His residency training was also completed with NOSM, in Temiskaming Shores. Dr. Besner is a proud francophone and as such, can offer bilingual care.

In his spare time, Dr. Besner enjoys camping, hiking, skiing and playing hockey. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife, daughter and dog.


Dr Currie

Dr Currie

Born in Cape Breton Island and raised in Elliot Lake, On., Dr. Currie returned to school for a second career from being a Registered Dietitian for 10 years. She completed medical school at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) in Sudbury. Her residency training was with NOSM's Rural Family Medicine program, based in Temiskaming Shores, followed by Enhanced Maternity Skills/Surgical Obstetrics training with NOSM/Trillium Health Partners, Mississauga.

Dr. Currie started her family practice in Temiskaming Shores in 2013. She provides maternity care for our communities, and is also our local surgical provider for cesarean sections. When not busy with work, she enjoys family time, running, skiing, snowshoeing and playing in our woman's hockey league.


Dr Lawson

Dr Lawson

Dr. Lawson has been a family doctor practicing obstetrics since 2002, when she started her career in the mountain town of Revelstoke, British Columbia. Prior to that, she completed her medical school at McMaster University, her family practice residency in Prince George, northern BC, and an Enhanced Maternity Care training through UBC. Between her husband's career and her interest in global maternity health, she has worked on maternity health projects in various places including India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Ghana and Tanzania.

She and her family recently moved to Temiskaming Shores, where she has a family practice, and works at the Temiskaming Hospital. In her down time, she is a hockey mom, a cross country skier, and loves canoe-tripping with her family.


Dr Harvey

Dr. Harvey was born and raised in New Liskeard. She did her medical school at NOSM University and then went on to do her Family Medicine residency in Timmins. Dr. Harvey started practicing in Temiskaming Shores in 2022. In addition to labor and delivery, she also works in the ER and cares for inpatients at the hospital.

In her free time, she loves to travel, play hockey and enjoy the outdoors.


Dr. Morency

Dr. Morency

Dr. Morency was born and raised in Ottawa. He completed his undergraduate training in Health Sciences, in addition to his Doctorate in Medicine both at the University of Ottawa.
His wife was born and raised in New Liskeard and left for the big city after completing highschool, vowing never to return. That is, until he dragged her back to Temiskaming Shores where he completed his Family Medicine residency through the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Now they're both here to stay!

Dr. Morency has just opened his family practice in 2021. In addition to labor and delivery, he also works in the ER and cares for inpatients at the hospital.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, cuddling his dogs, reading, snowshoeing, watching Disney movies and spending his summers by the lake.



Dr. Sears



Meet the Midwives


Dr Currie

Kim Cloutier-Holtz

Kim was born in New Liskeard. She has been a registered midwife since 2005. She has always worked in Northern Ontario and came to New Liskeard to start the first midwifery clinic in the area in 2009. Kim is very involved in provincial maternal and newborn committees and boards and also teaches Emergency Skills in Obstetrics. In her spare time, Kim provides taxi/shuttle service to her 3 boys, mainly to various arenas. She enjoys travelling, reading and running/walking with her dog.

Kim offre des services bilingues à ses clientes et est aussi Métis.


Dr Currie

Paule Corneil

Paule returned to university and obtained her midwifery degree from Laurentian University in 2013. She is bilingual and offers services in both French and English. Being a midwife allows her to blend her previous interests in sciences and education to give clients the opportunity to learn about pregnancy and the birth process. Paule feels privileged to care for clients at such an important time in their lives.

Paule a fait un retour aux études et a complété le programme de formation des sages-femmes de l’Université Laurentienne en 2013. Elle est bilingue et offre ses services en français et en anglais. En tant que sage-femme, elle utilise ses connaissances antérieures en sciences et en éducation pour permettre à sa clientèle de mieux comprendre les changements reliés à la grossesse et le processus d’accouchement. Paule considère que c’est un privilège de pouvoir assister sa clientèle pendant une période si importante de leur vie.


Dr. Besner

Vanessa Hebert

Vanessa was born and raised in Montreal. She completed her midwifery degree at Laurentian University in Sudbury and joined Sages-Femmes Temiskaming Midwives in 2017. Vanessa is committed to evidence-based practice and to supporting physiological birth. She is currently pursuing graduate studies in clinical epidemiology at McMaster University.  

Vanessa est née à Montréal où elle a passé son enfance. Elle a complété le programme de formation des sages-femmes de l'Université Laurentienne de Sudbury pour ensuite joindre l'équipe de Sages-Femmes Témiskaming Midwives en 2017. Vanessa met l'emphase sur une pratique fondée sur des preuves et le respect du processus physiologique de la naissance. Elle complète présentement une maîtrise en épidémiologie clinique de l'Université McMaster.