Temiskaming Hospital is committed to providing a safe, healthy and clean environment to our staff, clients and visitors.

Exposure to scented products triggers adverse reactions in many people, including sore throat, dizziness, sinusitis, asthma attacks, migraine and tension headaches, severe allergic reactions, etc.

Perfume, Body Lotions, Laundry Products, Etc. The employees, students, volunteers, auxiliary members and physicians of Temiskaming Hospital do not wear perfume or cologne, aftershave, scented hand creams, scented toiletries and hair products, scented laundry products, etc., while in the workplace. Flowers, Room Deodorizers, Potpourri, Candles, Personal Clothing, Etc. Scented flowers, imitation or real, room deodorizers, whether battery operated, electric, block or spray, potpourri, scented candles, etc., are not brought to the hospital, as well as pajamas or your own clothing if strong scented laundry products have been used.

Candles are not lit in the hospital, in accordance with fire regulations.

Effective January 2014