Parking fees are as follows:

Per visit $3.00

Daily Pass (unlimited in/out) $6.00

Weekly $15.00

Monthly $30.00

Please enquire at switchboard to purchase a daily, weekly or monthly pass.

There is a $10.00 refundable deposit on all passes.

Parking Fees Policy

Metered Parking: 

Metered parking is also available for short term parking convenience.

There are three meters available in close proximity to the Visitors Entrance as well as six additional meters at the Emergency Department Entrance. 

Please note, one of the metered spots at the Emergency Department Entrance is designated for those who have a Handicap Permit.


$1.00 for 20 Minutes with a 40 Minute maximum.

The meters accept quarters, one and two dollar coins.

Payment at the meter can also be done with either Visa or MasterCard.