The goal of Temiskaming Hospital is to strive to become an energy leader among hospitals in Northern Ontario.

Temiskaming Hospital is a 59 bed facility that provides acute, rehab and complex continuing care patient services. Originally constructed in 1979, the single story 135,000 square foot facility provides emergency services, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, clinical, dialysis, chemotherapy, pharmaceutical, physiotherapy, community counseling and support services. An auditorium and clinics addition was added in 1993, with separate wings, housing a daycare and a family health team, added in 2004.

Energy efficiency efforts to date have seen the adoption of a Building Automation System, a Steam Trap Monitoring System and a complete upgrade of the Boiler Plant. Highlights of the Plant upgrades include 3 gas-fired, steam boilers, a clean steam generator with condensate return pumps, a 2-stage modulating chiller, and heat-on-demand units for perimeter heating and domestic hot water use. 

Our plans to improve on energy conservation encompasses increasing organizational commitment, identifying new opportunities, linking strategic planning with the Conservation and Demand (CMD) Plan and using technical and behavioral measures to assess progress. 

Our 2013 energy consumption levels are $403,278 in electricity, $203,626 in natural gas and $34,099 in water and sewer, for a total of $641,004. A preliminary energy audit, conducted by an independent firm, has identified significant savings are possible. In considering our current energy consumption, we are targeting a 7% saving in electricity, a 35% saving in natural gas and 12% saving in water consumption. Overall, we are targeting a combined annual saving of $104,000.

The next step we are taking is to conduct a full energy audit, further defining the preliminary estimates. This will not only identify infrastructure improvements that will increase energy efficiency, but will allow for fiscal planning.