Temiskaming Hospital Obstetric and Level 1B Nursery team earned the MOREOB Recognition Award for their outstanding performance in the application of knowledge, communication and teamwork in order to make patient safety a priority and everyone’s responsibility.

This award is presented to the team based on the completion of the required readings and workshops as well as the commitment of the team to apply the principles of the MOREOB program. It is part of our commitment to best practices in the care of Moms and Babes in the Temiskaming district.

Last year, the team was awarded the MOREOB National Patient Safety Award for 2013.

Temiskaming Hospital OBS and Nursery team will be participating in the 3rd module of the MOREOB program in September 2015.

For more information about the MOREOB program, please visit: http://moreob.com/


From the left: Kim Cloutier-Holtz, Midwife; Gail Bennett, RN; Dr. S. Sears MD, Chief of Obstetrics; Stacey Aitchison, RN; Joan Brazeau, Clinical Nurse Manager – Obstetrics and Level 1B Nursery; Dr. S. Goddard MD; and Suzanne Gareau, Program Consultant for Salus Global Corporation (MOREob Program).