Due to the continuing high COVID-19 activity and outbreaks in the health sector we will be continuing restrictions on Care Partner visitations and patient leaves. Restrictions will be reassessed Monday, May 9, 2022.
• All in-patient areas of the hospital are temporarily closed to visitors and Designated Care Partners for long-term care and acute care patients until further notice.
• Designated Care Partners are allowed for palliative, obstetrical and pediatric patients.
• Care partners are allowed to accompany outpatients who need support due to physical, intellectual, cognitive and emotional conditions or needing a substitute decision-maker while attending the hospital for appointments, tests, procedures or emergent care.
• Care Partners will need to show proof of vaccination and identification prior to entering the facility.
• All Designated Care Partners must pass the screening questionnaire administered by the hospital’s Screening Agents prior to entering the hospital.
Thank you for being kind and respectful to our staff as we do everything we can, to protect you, your loved-ones and our staff.