New Liskeard, Ont.: Effective Tuesday, July 20th, 2021, Temiskaming Hospital will move into Phase 3 of its care partner policy which is a newly added phase to continue the hospital’s stepwise approach to welcoming care partners and visitors back in to the facility. Phase 3 allows for all inpatients to be permitted one (1) care partner at the bedside daily (not limited to one entry/exit per day.)  Care partners may alternate daily.

In addition, obstetrical, long-stay (over 30 days), alternate level of care, palliative care and pediatric/adolescent inpatients will be permitted two (2) care partners daily; however, not concurrently. Patients critically ill and/or end-of-life will be permitted two (2) care partners daily.

“Following Ontario’s roadmap to re-opening, Temiskaming Hospital continues to review its care partner and visitor policies with focus on balancing the importance of care partners in providing quality patient care while also ensuring a safe environment for staff and patients,” said Temiskaming Hospital Vice President of Patient Services/Chief Nursing Executive Erin Montgomery. She continued, “We acknowledge the integral role and impact that care partners have in providing physical, social, emotional and navigation of care and are excited to continue to expand care partner presence for patients.”

A care partner is defined as family member(s), guardian or other person(s) who provides critical and often ongoing physical, psychological or emotional support to the patient. Care partners work with the patient or substitute decision makers (SDM) and health care team and are involved in care, care planning and decision making. Care partners are designated by the patient or the SDM. A visitor is defined as other guest or friend of the patient.

Please do not visit the hospital if you are not feeling well, have COVID-19-like symptoms or have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting results. All care partners will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms as they enter the facility and provided with an instruction sheet. Hospital-issued masks will be provided to all care partners and must remain on at all times. Care partners will be asked to leave the facility if not in compliance with the rules.

Please note that virtual visits with a patient can still be set up by calling 705-647-1088 ext. 2341.

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