On June 28th, 2021, Temiskaming Hospital began offering its patients access to their diagnostic imaging studies through a partnership with PocketHealth. Through the PocketHealth platform, patients will have the ability to view their imaging files and reports, download their image studies, share their imaging files with any healthcare professional or physicians and electronically request their imaging files from other participating imaging clinics and hospitals across Canada.

“Temiskaming Hospital, along with the other participating sites in the North Eastern Health Services Alliance (NEHSA), has partnered to improve access to diagnostic results with PocketHealth,” said Temiskaming Hospital Vice-President of Patient Services/Chief Nursing Executive Erin Montgomery. She continued, “This newly added service will reduce unnecessary challenges for providers, patients and staff of safely sharing patient’s diagnostic imaging information with providers in a timely manner and facilitate patient access to their health information.

Temiskaming Hospital patients can sign up by visiting www.pocket.health/en-US/TEMISKAMING. Once enrolled, the patient will receive an access email with a secure link to their imaging history from Temiskaming Hospital and all other hospitals within NEHSA. The cost to the patient is $5.00 per transfer which includes all available imaging records at the time of the initial registration date plus an additional 14-day grace period for imaging studies performed after the registration date. Imaging performed after the grace period ends will automatically be added to the patient’s PocketHealth account with the option to purchase another transfer.

“This newly added platform is perfectly aligned with Temiskaming Hospital’s mission of providing the best patient experience by promoting a safe, quality-centered care philosophy and respecting the patient’s right of access to their medical information,” said Montgomery.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this new service at Temiskaming Hospital allowing our patients to have more control over their health information and who they share it with,” said Temiskaming Hospital President & CEO Mike Baker.

For more information about Temiskaming Hospital and its Diagnostic Imaging Department, please visit www.temiskaming-hospital.com