New Liskeard, Ont.: As the province’s stay-at-home order expires, Temiskaming Hospital is once again allowing designated care partners to visit with patients effective June 2nd, 2021. During the most recent stay-at-home order, only essential care partners were permitted access to the hospital. At this time, general visitors are not permitted. Hospital staff will be contacting its list of designated care partners to notify them of these changes.

“We are pleased to once again allow designated care partners at Temiskaming Hospital as the province begins its gradual reopening,” said Temiskaming Hospital President & CEO Mike Baker. He continued, “Allowing designated care partners back at the hospital plays a huge role in our patients’ mental health and aids our nursing staff when it comes to tasks such as helping with feeding and physical activity.”

A care partner is a family member(s), guardian or other person(s) who provides critical and ongoing physical, psychological or emotional support to a patient. An essential care partner differs from a designated care partner in that they must be present to support a patient’s mobile or cognitive impairment whereas a designated care partner assists with a patient’s care needs.

Care partners work with the patients or substitute decision makers (SDM) and health care team and are involved in care, care planning and decision making. Care partners are designated by the patient or SDM.

In-patients may have one care partner for the patient’s length of stay. There are circumstances where additional care partners may be designated and/or permitted as outlined within Temiskaming Hospital’s Care Partner Policy. Quiet hours are from 8 pm and 7 am.

Essential and designated care partners will be screened upon entry to Temiskaming Hospital, asked to perform hand hygiene and will be required to wear a hospital-issued face mask at all times. Care partners who are medically exempt from wearing a mask must follow alternate procedures as instructed by hospital staff.

"For our general visitors who are still not permitted at Temiskaming Hospital, we urge you to take advantage of our Virtual Visit Program,” reminded Baker.

To set up a virtual visit with a patient, please call 705-647-1088 ext. 2341.

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