New Liskeard, ON,: The Temiskaming Hospital Board of Directors announces the retirement of two long-serving members, Patricia Willard-Inglis and Maurice Landriault. The duo served a combined 19 years of service on the board. Willard-Inglis reached the maximum 12 years of service in September 2020 while Landriault has since moved out of the area retiring from the board in April of 2020 with seven years of service.

When asked to speak on the retirement of the two members, Temiskaming Hospital Board Chair Dr. Bruce Hawkins noted, “Pat was my vice-chair since I assumed the position four years ago. She was invaluable as she capably chaired board meetings in my absence. Pat was always willing, never denying anything asked of her, was very devoted to the hospital and community and was a great contributor at our meetings. Her incisive questions will be missed.”

Willard-Inglis was elected to the board in June of 2008. She served a five-year term as treasurer from 2012-2017, 2nd vice from 2014-2015, vice-chair from 2016-2020 and served as a member on the Temiskaming Hospital Executive Committee, member & chair on the Temiskaming Hospital Finance and Resource Committee and chair of the Temiskaming Hospital Governance Committee. Willard-Inglis also served as a hospital board-appointed member of the CAT Scan Foundation from 2009-2020 and currently sits as the Temiskaming Hospital Foundation’s treasurer.

Hawkins continued, “Maurice was a quiet man but still made his opinions known and, when done, it always added depth to our discussion and decisions. Moe, as the board knew him, was a person who led more by example than by words, and his loyal comments were heavily relied upon. Moe had vast experience in our community and was a great source of corporate memory for the board. His contributions will be missed.”

Landriault was elected in June of 2013. He previously served on the Temiskaming Hospital Board from 1999-2011. During his time on the board, Landriault served as 2nd vice from 2015-2016 then treasurer from 2017-2019. He served as member & chair on the Temiskaming Hospital Finance and Resource Committee and member of the Temiskaming Hospital Executive Committee. Landriault also served on the Temiskaming Hospital CAT Scan Foundation from 2009-2020.

Current serving elected directors include: Dr. Bruce Hawkins, chair, Bob Norris, vice-chair, Pascal Simard, treasurer and Finance and Resource Committee chair, Denise Balch, Quality and Service Committee chair, Dan Fenety, Richard Males, Governance Committee chair, Jocelyn Moreno, Sandra Perreault, Jim Rowe, Temiskaming Hospital Foundation president and Georgette Saxton. The non-elected members of the board include Mike Baker, Temiskaming Hospital president & CEO and secretary, Erin Montgomery, chief nursing executive and director of patient services, Dr. Colleen Davies, chief of staff and Dr. Nichole Currie, president of professional staff.

The Temiskaming Hospital Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of the affairs of the hospital.  The board ensures the hospital is fulfilling its mission and sustains itself in order to continue serving its patients by maintaining its tangible and intangible assets and financial viability. While there are currently no vacancies, those interested in serving on the board in the future can contact Mike Baker, secretary at

Temiskaming Hospital’s mission is to provide quality, patient-centered health care and education close to home. For more information about Temiskaming Hospital, please visit