Temiskaming Hospital has been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic carefully since the beginning of February. While visitor restrictions are still in place, the hospital has slowly begun resuming services starting with its Diagnostic Imaging Department on June 1, 2020.  The hospital is currently developing its plan to reintroduce surgeries beginning mid-June with one of nine criteria for the reopening being a stable number of COVID-19 cases in the district.

“I want to thank the community for the amazing way in which you have all responded to the COVID-19 situation,” said Temiskaming Hospital President & CEO Mike Baker. He continued, “As a thank-you for your commitment to the guidelines, we will slowly be able to begin to reopen departments and resume services at our hospital.”

Temiskaming Hospital continues to work in accordance with regulations from the government-safety and infection control protocols being top priorities. There is still an extensive list of areas and activities to work through as the hospital begins reopening.

“We ask for the community’s patience as we work through this,” reminded Baker. He explained, “There isn’t a process in the hospital that hasn’t been impacted due to COVID-19, and even though we have invested in equipment to minimize turnaround times in the operating room, surgical procedures will take longer.”

It is expected to take five weeks for the Operating Department to reach 70 per cent of pre-COVID-19 surgeries.  

Temiskaming Hospital follows an ethical triage process and asks the community to refrain from calling or visiting the hospital in regards to appointments and surgeries. You will be contacted when the hospital is ready for you.

With the goal of continuing to keep cases low in the district, the hospital’s Drive-Through COVID-19 Regional Assessment Centre has expanded its hours of operation and criteria for testing. The expanded testing criteria will now include those who are not showing symptoms but who are either concerned they may have been exposed to COVID-19 or those who are at high risk of exposure through their place of employment.

To book your appointment for testing, please call the Timiskaming Health Unit at 705-647-4305 extension 7 or the COVID-19 Regional Assessment Centre at 705-648-1844. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home, and call either phone line right away.

“I want to also thank our amazing team at Temiskaming Hospital,” concluded Baker. “It has been a real team effort by our nurses, physicians, administration, technicians, technologists and sterilization department, and really our whole team has worked very hard to start getting things back on track.”

Temiskaming Hospital’s mission is to provide quality, patient-centered health care and education close to home. For more information about Temiskaming Hospital, please visit www.temiskaming-hospital.com.