Temiskaming Hospital is advising the public that we are still in a COVID-19 outbreak. However, our Care Partner policies have changed to align with the provincial guidance for managing COVID-19 outbreaks in acute care settings and in collaboration with Timiskaming Health unit.
Care Partner updates:
1. All in-patients will be allowed one care partner by their bedside at a time.
2. All COVID-19 positive patients will be allowed one care partner by their bedside at a time, providing they are wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment for the duration of their visit.
Due to transmission risk, additional considerations include:
·The essential care partner will be trained on safe PPE donning and doffing protocols.
·Are aware of hospital policy pertaining to the compliance of PPE utilization and risks associated with their visit.
For virtual visitations, please contact 705-647-8121 ex 2341.
“Our team constantly monitors changes in governing provincial policies and procedures and continues to work with our community partners at the Timiskaming Health Unit to ensure our policies are kept as current as possible and aligned with our priorities of keeping patients and staff safe.” “This transition represents a measured approach to moving to treating COVID-19 as a regular part of hospital care, like the flu.”
“I would like to thank our team for the hard work they continue to do to manage, not only COVID-19, but all of the operational pressures we face.” - says President and CEO Mike Baker.
Temiskaming Hospital will continue to update the public on the outbreak.
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