On November 21, 2017 Temiskaming Hospital partnered with Kirkland District Hospital, The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) and Ethicist Dr. Robert Butcher for consultations with physicians, nursing, allied health professionals and other community members regarding Last Stages of Life issues. The LCO is Ontario’s leading independent, non-partisan law reform agency whose mandate is to make necessary recommendations to government to improve the law, regulations, policies and practices.  Several of the issues discussed where consent, advance care planning and resolving health care disputes.  The forum was very well attended.


Shown in the picture are Dr. Nichole Currie; Erin Montgomery, Chief Nurse and Health Professions Officer/Director of Operations; Allyson Campsall, Patient Relations and Privacy Coordinator; Ryan Fritsch, Lawyer, LCO, Dr. Robert Butcher, Ethisist and Amanda Rodrigues, LCO.